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As you all know, a large posse of peeps endeavored to hit 45 days of Paleo eating in accordance with the BTB45 challenge.  We started with 52 competitors. All but 14 finished the full 45 days (yep, logging their food and all).  Collectively the group shed over 250 pounds and over 200 inches. And the PRs abounded. We’re talking some serious Fran PRs, CF Total PRs, Helen PRs, Kelly PRs, Annie PRs, Cindy PRs, and much, much more (can you tell I’m like a proud mama here?!?).

I compiled a team of judges from all BTB locations who cast their votes based on the 4 categories: Compliance, Performance, Total Inches, Before/After Photos. It was fascinating to see the judges votes cast, as everyone had a slightly different take on things, and indeed the competition was TIGHT! The overall winners barely edged out the 2nd and 3rd place finishers.

Before we bore you with a series of amazing pictures and stories of transformations, there are a few other superlatives I’d like to dole out:

Restaurants most likely eaten at by BTB45 participants:

1.)  Chick-Fil-A. Seriously. I’ve never seen so many grilled chicken nuggets consumed before – that and grilled chicken salads.
2.)  Chipotle. Double meat, add the guac, no rice no beans, and you’re all good. Plus their commercial always makes me tear up. (go watch it if you have not already).
3.)  Homegrown. I’ve still yet to go to this place, but I see it frequently pictured, and talked about…pancakes and all (but no pancakes during the 45 that I saw!).

Beverages (alcoholic or not) most likely consumed by BTB45 participants:

1.)  Coffee. Enough said.
2.)  La Croix sparkling water and unsweetened teas seemed to be tied for second.
3.)  Third was a tie between wine which had stiff competition from (insert name of alcohol here) and soda with lime. Tequila, vodka, gin, saw all of these at some point after the first strict 30.

Now, don’t forget: we do have folks who have been competing for the EVEN BIGGER BTB75 challenge. That’s right, some folks were crazy enough to take those pics of their food and keep doing this paleo thing for a full 75 days. And you know what? It was worth it. You’ll see!

Without further ado, here are the winners:


3rd place (winning a free month of training): tie - Megan Ramsey & Anne Smith
1st runner up (winning 2 free months of training): Heather Digby
And the ladies winner (who will be taking home ½ of the BTB45 kitty ($500): Gwen Cook!




3rd place (winning a free month of training): tie - Ryan James and Bernie Colligan
1st runner up (winning 2 free months of training): Joshua Sledge
1st place (who will be taking home the other ½ of the BTB45 kitty ($500): Austin McRoberts

Let’s talk about our winners, shall we?

Gwen stayed the straight and narrow for the first 30 days, kept her splurges to alcohol/dark chocolate after that point, darkened the room, went through having her blood tested (though Gwen HATES needles), stayed on her training, and did awesome.  She PRed her Elizabeth time by over 4 minutes, dropped 6 pounds along with 2 inches off her waist.

Austin had an impressive transformation too. Not only did he shave a minute off Helen, but he dropped 16 pounds + 10 inches (but gained muscle size in his arms), did the dark room, blood, all of that.

As an aside: I purposefully did not tell the judges who all was continuing for the 75, and they have not seen the BTB75 after data or photos. Interestingly enough, many of the finalists continued on for the full 75 days.

I’ll be doing more of a write up – complete with more pictures – of not just the finalists but also our honorable mentions who realized some impressive changes.

Please take a moment to congratulate ALL the BTB45 participants, and stay tuned for more about the 75!

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