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BTB45 Challenge 2012!

Back by popular demand, the BTB45 is set to fire off Monday, January 9th 2012.  For more info on the BTB45, click here.  For basic info on Paleo, go here.  To register (please note registration is a 2-part process, be sure to look all the way to the top left of the page to start), click here.

We are very excited about this challenge!  Tons of you have requested us to run one in January so we know many of you are ready to make some serious changes and make your health a priority for 2012!!  We cannot wait to see all of your successes and results.

Julie has graciously agreed to run this challenge for me as I will be on maternity leave for a few weeks.  Please, please remember that running this challenge could be a fulltime job for someone and Julie already has a couple of those!  Please help her out by reading all the materials she sends you, keeping up with posts, comments and answers on the blog.  That being said, please post any and all questions to the nutrition blog.  You can always use an alias if you are embarrassed to ask any question.  It will save Julie tons of time answering individual questions and it will help everyone learn.  Chances are if you have a question, someone else is wondering the same thing.  

Julie will have more info for all of you in the coming days and weeks.  Check the nutrition blog often to keep up with things.  FYI: all posts on the nutrition blog go directly to the BTB Facebook page, so LIKE it to help you stay up to speed.

The BTB45 Challenge is pretty involved and usually has a pretty big prize package.  We suggest registering sooner rather than later so you can get all the info you need, get it read and get all your tasks done.  Good luck to all of you!  Can't wait to see how this challenge changes things for you!


Reader Comments (5)

Are there any options for vegetarians who are interested in participating in the challenge? I am a lacto-vegetarian. Thanks!

December 30, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJen

Hi Jen,

For the purposes of the BTB45, if a person is willing to include eggs and/or fish into their diet for the 45, that would be fine for participation. Since we're having people eliminate all grains, legumes (such as soy) and dairy during the 45, we'd be really concerned about folks not getting adequate protein without inclusion of the eggs and/or fish.

For vegetarians who want to explore a pseudo paleo lifestyle (but not part of the BTB45), there are a good number of resources out there of folks who do a pseudo paleo plan as vegetarians and how it works in their lifestyle. We encourage all clients to explore ways of eating that work well for them in their lives as we're all an experiment of one!

January 1, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJules

I'll be out of town on the day that the challenge ends. Are there any final measurements/events I would miss that would void my participation in the contest?

January 3, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAllison

Hey Allison - everything that needs to be done for the end of the challenge is not specific to the very last day of the 45. We'll ask you to submit a final WOD from around that last week, and final measurements and photos, but those can be done elsewhere. So being out of town for some part or the final day of the 45 would not hinder your participation.

To all: just make sure you sign up before Jan 9th so you can get the BTB45 guide!

January 3, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJules

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