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The 90...The Rules

To those of you competing in The 90, we wanted to state the rules in writing so you all know to what standards you will be held accountable. Don't play by the rules? You get one warning. Do it again, and you're out. This challenge is for only those who are going to be the most serious, and aren't going to waste time explaining why they were force fed some toast and bagels one morning and they HAD to eat pasta that night.

We welcome people who wish to play along at home too (but at this time The 90 is closed to new entries).


  • Participants must go strict Paleo for at least the first 30 days; certain modifications may be made after the initial 30 days on an individual basis. Participants should state requests for modification via e-mail for judges' approval.
  • Must have before pictures and after pictures taken (will be kept private).
  • Will upload weekly food log. 
  • Must get free Bod Pod assessment taken (info will be provided).
  • Will get in at least one benchmark WOD or BootCamp PT between May 29 and June 7.
  • Must get in some kind of workout at least 3 times a week (bootcamp, CF or other) during the 90.
  • Competition officially starts JUNE 1, 2009 and ends Saturday, August 29, 2009.
  • Winner of the challenge will win the $500 kitty and one free month of BTB CrossFit or BootCamp.
  • Runner-up will receive one free month of BTB CrossFit or BootCamp.
  • Winner selection will be based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to Bod Pod results, WOD or PT improvements, physical change, adherence to a Paleo lifestyle.

This competition has a group of serious competitors and we're going to see some awesome transformations...just you wait!



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