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4/11/2014: "The Manhandler"

5 rounds of:

AMRAP in 3 minutes
3 Thrusters 95/65
6 Box jumps 24"/20"
9 KBS 53/35

1 minute rest in between rounds

Notes: This is scored by your Total Number of Rounds Completed. Partial rounds/reps do not count. SO time these 3 min perfectly and give it your all in each round.  Don't be stuck halfway through a round and not have it count.  



4/10/2014: 1RM Snatch + Conditioning

Barbell Work

15 min to establish a 1RM Snatch
Notes: Use this time to work on finding your 1RM or work on your technique and form. It's not necessary for you to find your 1 rep max.  I'm looking for you to concentrate on solid technique of the Snatch. Once this is achieve then add weight. 


For time:
3 Power Snatches 115/75
6 C2B Pull-ups
9 Burpees
6 Power Snatches 115/75
9 C2B Pull-ups
12 Burpees
9 Power Snatches 115/75
12 C2B Pull-ups
15 Burpees
12 Power Snatches 115/75
15 C2B Pull-ups
18 Burpees
15 Power Snatches 115/75
18 C2B Pull-ups
21 Burpees

Notes: Modifications for C2B Pull-Ups today is banded C2B (which is preferred) or regular Pull-Ups or a combination of the two.



I've seemd to have grown little supple leopard feet and walk out of the gym. If you have borrowed this book or know who has borrowed the gyms Mobility Wod book.  Please return it to Ponce ASAP.  Please know this book along with foam rollers and lacrosse balls are NOT to be taken home with you. They're purchased for all of us to use at the gym.  It's not fare to the next person that comes in looking to use these items and they're gone. Thanks!!



4/9/2014: Benchmark "NANCY"

5 Rounds for Time of:
400m Run
15 Overhead Squat 95/65



4/8/2014: Barbell Complex + Benchmark "Annie"

Barbell Complex

5 Sets of: 5 Deadlifts + 3 Low Hang Cleans (full squat) 2' from the floor + 1 Split Jerk

Heaviest possible or 80% of your 1 rep max C&J found last Monday 3/31/14
Rest 2 plus minutes in-between sets or as needed.  

Notes: Sets are preformed Unborken with No re-gripping.  Hook Grip! Hook Grip!
Do Not rush through these 5 sets.  Take your time, concentrate on good form of the movements, and use the 2 minutes plus rest time to recover between sets. 
After the 5 DL you'll move into 3 Low Hang Cleans. The bar should Not touch the floor.  

Double Unders


Congradulation Anglea and Nick Schaad on completing the Paris Marathon this past weekend. France marathon down...South Africa half marathon to go!!  Good Luck guys!! 

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