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10/07/2014 CrossFit Total

This will be our new strength series through the end of the year.  If you've never done CrossFit Total before, here's how it works: Today we will find your: 
1 RM Back Squat
1 RM Press
1 RM Deadlift

At the end of our strength series, we'll reassess your CrossFit Total to see how much strength you've gained!  For an in-depth look at the rules of CFT go here.    Essentially, you warm up to your approximate max for each lift. You then have THREE attempts to set your “best lift.” The total of the best of each of these efforts is your total.

Don’t shy away from the gym because there is no met con today!  Honestly, no one is stopping you from getting on a rower or running the Murph mile afterwards :-) 

Pull-Up Clinic
Don't forget to sign up for Coach Tim O's Pull-Up Clinic on Sunday, October 19th from 1pm to 3pm.  Did I mention it's FREE.  Sign up here.

Bring a Friend This Thursday!
Here it is!  Your chance to earn them points by bringing a friend this Thursday for the BTB referral challenge!  All day Thursday you can bring someone to check out BTB.  Do it!  Earn points!


10/06/2014 Happy Birthday Coach Kate!!

You know how Kate loves them burpees...

3 Rounds For Time of: 
400 Meter Run 
31 Burpees


10/04/2014 Happy Birthday Coach Katie!!

Katie chose a superbad partner WOD for everyone!

In Teams of 2, complete the following -
Buy In: 100 Double Unders (4:1 singles count all attempts)

30 Snatches 135/95
3 Rounds
400m Run
21 KBS 53/35
12 Pull-Ups

Cash Out: 100 Double Unders

Notes: Split the work evenly between each other. Both partners run during Helen!


10/03/2014 Happy Birthday Coach Ben!!

Ben has chosen a quad-quilla for his birthday wod!

20 min Med Ball Cleans ladder - 20/15

With a continuously running clock, do one med ball clean the first minute, two cleans the second minute, three cleans the third minute... continuing as long as you are able. Clock runs for 20 mins.

Once you have failed, take a minute off and jump back in. If you failed at 10 mins or below, then re-start your ladder at 1 and work up. If you failed higher than 10 minutes, work the ladder backwards until time expires. Your score is the last minute/round your completed.

BTB Vision Series Fall Nutritional Challenge!
Program starts this coming Monday 10/6!!  Still time to sign up for details!! Email coach Sean at

Pull-Up Clinic
Don't forget to sign up for Coach Tim O's Pull-Up Clinic on Sunday, October 19th from 1pm to 3pm.  Did I mention it's FREE.  Sign up here.

BTB Referral Challenge!
Don't forget to start referring folks to BTB for the referral challenge!  You'll earn one point for referring or bringing someone to the open house and two points if they join BTB!  Be sure to contact Nick beforehand so he can keep the points accurate.   In addition, if your referred buddy becomes a member, they’ll receive $50 off their first month's membership.  AND for each month they remain a BTB member, you'll receive $10 off your monthly membership fees.  Stay tuned to the blog for the first of several bring-a-friend days.

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