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2/1/2012: Midline Strength Work

Buy In: Run a mile or row a 2K for a personal best.

Cash Out: Core Conditioning
1) As slowly as possible hanging from a pull up bar or rings, lean your head back and slowly raise your legs until your toes gently touch the bar and then slowly back down. Repeat this 20 times
2) Arch Rock for 1 minute. Arch Rock: Lie on stomach with your heels together and arms at ears. Rock back and forth
3) 50 deliberate ab-mat sit ups. Do not use arms for momentum. This is not for time. 
4) 30 deliberate back extensions. Perfect form top to bottom. Not for time.
5) Hollow Rock for 1 minute. Just like the Arch Rock, but you are on your back. 
6) 20 stiff legged deadliest. Choose a weight. This is not to be super challenging from a weight standpoint. I want good form. Do not surrender your lumbar curve. Done properly, for most folks you probably won't get all the way to the ground with these. 
7) L-SIt for 1 minute. Use as many efforts as needed to accumulate a full minute.
8) 1 minute weighted plank. Have someone place a 45/25lb plate on your lower back just above your hip. Goal is to keep the plank stiff with no bowing. Use as many efforts as needed to accumulate a full minute. 

Thanks for the great video Allen Sullivan- Poncey!  

Charles and CJ Squat from Allen Sullivan on Vimeo.

 Damn Kristan- only 2 dips?

1/31/2012: All Angles

This is a bit of a different day. This is meant to be a high intensity training day- but the intensity is up to you. You'll do one set of each exercise and it will be a max effort. Go all out for each one. We'll be hitting the the major flexions, and extensions. Each set is for max reps and a set is concluded when there is more than a 2 sec rest at any point in the exercise. Rest as needed for recovery between exercises. You can do this in any order you wish.

Trunk flexion: Sit-Ups. 
Trunk extension: back extension.
Hip flexion: knees to elbows or knee ups- kipping OK.
Hip extension: air squats.
Push: ring dips or static dips. If you need to modify dips, use a bench behind you. Put some weights in your lap if you need to make those a little tougher. 
Pull: pull-ups or body rows.
Weightlifting: BW Deadlift
Metabolic Cond: Row 2K- how many calories of work can you do during the 2K? 

Crowley getting in a little handstand bowling over the weekend. 

1/30/2012: Jump Rope, Walking Lunges, Push Ups

Jump rope- singles for two minutes. 
40 Walking Lunge Step
Weighted push ups w 25% of BW (use bumper plates)- max reps
20 Walking Lunges w 45/25lb plate overhead
Weighted push ups w 25% of BW- max reps
10 Walking Lunge Steps w 70/50 lbs overhead (use 2 bumper plates stacked on top of each other)
Weighed push ups w 25% of BW- max reps
Jump Rope- singles for two minutes.

Reminder: Registration for the 2012 CF Games Open workouts begins on Wednesday. Last year was a blast with all the partiicipaiton and special workouts. As soon as registration opens, I'll investigate getting the affiliate team set up so we can all play together. Stay tuned...... 

Don't be a knot head. If you don't own your own jump rope and you are using the gym ropes today, please be kind and re-wind by un-knotting your ropes after you use them. Not everyone is the same height as you and they appreciate not having to re-wind for you.  

Finishers of the Go Ruck challenge- Ryan Q, Mark W, Joshua S, Nick L and Stephen K. This was a 12 hour endurance event that consisted of rucking for 12 hours throughout the night and traversing various obstacles- all with a 30lb back pack.


1/29/2012: Weekend Warrior

AMRAP in 20 Minutes of: 
2 Muscle Ups
8 Kettlebell Swings 2 pood/1.5 pood