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If you are unsure about our program and want to give it a try while learning all about it, you can sign up for one of our BTB Dynamics courses by itself with no further commitment. You'll see the schedule when you click on the sign up link. 


3/3/2012: Rope Climbs, SDLHP

Five rounds for time of:
Rope climb-2 ascents
3/4 body weight Sumo deadlift high pull, 10 reps

Play nice and share the ropes! Or, if you want a rope to yourself, just be patient and wait your turn.  

Open House Reminder: The 11:00 AM Open House class is for those currently enrolled in Dynamics, those giving BTB and CrossFit a trial run and the OTB crew who choose to come in. This workout is specifically designed for those new to CrossFit and is not meant to be a regular WOD for memebrs. As a member, please try to make one of the regular class times unless you are bringing a guest to the Open House. If you do come in to the Open House- you will be required to participate in the Open House workout and whatever other activities are planned by the coach. You animals have been scaring off the newbies! :o)  

3/2/2012: AMRAP PC, DU, PU

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
95/75 pound Power cleans, 15 reps
25 Double Unders
20 Push-ups

Reminder: Inaugural Mobility/Yoga for CrossFitters class is this evening at Ponce. Use it or lose it folks! Don't forget to sign up prior to the class. It is part of your membership and is part of the new offerings that 2012 brings to BTB! "Pepsi" Parks promises to be nice this first time.  If you have a yoga mat- bring it. If you are new to this type of thing and maybe not quite the rubber band, bring along a beach towel or something of the sort that you can roll up to help support you in some of the positions. 

12.2 Madness:
Buckhead gym will be open Saturday from 1-3 for some Open WOD 12.2 madness. Vinings will be open at 3:00 on Sunday for some last minute action. Bring it. 

3/1/2012: Choice

Four Rounds for Time of: 
Run 800 M/Row 1000 M
25 Dips (Ring Dips preferred)

You can choose to Row or Run for this workout- or even mix it up. If there are more of you than rowers- draw straws or something to determine who starts on a rower. When it comes time for you to row or run- you can row if one is available. If not- take off. 

CrossFit Open 12.2:
This week, destruction alley will be occurring at Buckhead from 1-3. If you are participating in The Open and didn't make it in last week- you missed out. Be there or be square. Here's the workout. 

The Mayfields Get Some Local Pub: Article

Reminder: Please remember that the Saturday Open House classes are for new folks coming in to check out the gym. This is not supposed to be a class for regular members. You have the 2-3 prior classes to get in on Saturday. These classes are programmed specifically with the assumption someone is new with no prior CrossFit experience. If you choose to ignore this plea, one of two things might happen. You may be asked to not take the class by the coach. Or, you may be allowed in, but you will be required to do the newbie workout that is programmed for that Open House class. And, you will be asked to participate in any/all activities of that class. No exceptions. We were all new once, and those who are new coming in for their introductory time deserve our full attention. That is why we have carved out this special class for them. Any questions? Need an exception? Email me:   




2/29/2012: Leap Year Day and OHS. 

Starting with an empty barbell, how many sets of 5 can you get adding 20 lbs per set resting 2-3 mins per set? 

Take 50% of the weight you failed with and do a "Nancy Sprint" 3 rounds for time of Run 400M and 15 OHS. 

Poncey-Feel left out? Don't. Starting this Friday afternoon/evening at 7:30 we are adding a Mobility/Yoga for CrossFitters class at Ponce as well. This class will be led by the fearless Pepsi. This class is part of your regular membership. You need to sign up for this class in advance. 

Some Words From BK:
I ran the super spartan race this weekend in Miami and did better than I thought given that I had not been doing any running.  I figured I'd enjoy the race but had low expectations.  The ONLY training I've had over the past year is thanks to you guys at BTB!  It's clearly giving me some real advantages in these types of races.  Check out the stats -- I ran in Sunday's race:

Quick data (as we were chipped):

1.  3rd in my age group

2.  17th ouf of 994 racers who finished on Sunday (the day I raced)

3.  33rd out of all 3950 racers (total people that finished Sat and Sun)

Apparently burpees are good for ya!  The key to my speed in this race was getting through the obstacles very quickly, and keeping a good pace running the 8 miles.  -- all thanks to xfit.