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4/1/2012: Cleans & HSPU

For Time: 
21 Cleans 105/75 (Squat or Power)
18 Cleans
15 Cleans
12 Cleans
9 Cleans

3/31/2012: Helen's Heavier Cousin

Three rounds for time of: 
Run 400 Meters
12 Pull Ups
21 KBS 70/55  

Unless for a safety reason, if the KB is dropped from above the waist, a 10 Burpee penalty will be assessed on the spot. We'll be looking hard to dole these out! If you are going to scale the weight on this- then just scale it back to a normal Helen @ 55/35 and you'll be able to post a benchmark today. 

3/30/2012: Split Jerks + Rowing splits

Buy In: Using the 3 rep max load push jerk weight you found last week, you'll test yourself to see how many split jerks you can do with this weight. Warm up to this as you'll only have one shot at it. 

Cash Out:
Three Rounds:
Row 1000 Meters
Rest 3:00 minutes-ish
This rest depends on your rowing partners time. If it is a little more than 3 minutes OK. Just make sure it is a minimum of 3 minutes. Each row is to be a max effort. 
Last Minute Heads Up: Robert will be running his Olympic Liifting practice & progressions class at the Buckhead gym this Saturday from 12-2 PM. As always, it is a free clinic and does not count against your membership visits. Non members may attend as well. SIGN UP

3/29/2012: Small Chipper

For Time: 
50 Back Extensions
10 Rope Climbs
25 GHD SIt Ups
10 Body Rows
50 Back Extensions
800 Meter Run

Don't Forget: BTB Betties Ladies only class ramps up next Monday 4/2 @ 10am. The class will be every Monday and Wednesday going forward from there. No prior CF experience required and no completion of Dynamics required. Ms Logan will take good care of you ladies. Let your friends know and help Michelle grow her class. If you are a current BTB member, this class is a part of your regular membership. SIGN UP

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