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3/15/12: Don't drop the hot potato!

This one from CFFB was appealing and fit the need for today. Enjoy. 

Ten Rounds using as heavy a DB or KB as possible. 
One round consists of the following:
One Arm Power Clean Right
One Arm Front Squat Right
One Arm Push Press Right
One Arm Front Squat Right
One Arm Push Press Right
then switch hands....
One Arm Power Clean Left
One Arm Front Squat Left
One Arm Push Press Left
One Arm Front Squat Left
One Arm Push Press Left

*Do not drop the weight.
*Do not set it down. 
*If weight is dropped, count number of drops and perform an equal amount of burpees as a penalty.

Post number of total drops and weight of dumbbell used to comments. This one is not scored in the normal place, BTWB. 
12.4: Come to Buckhead this Saturday from 1-3. Get it! 

Reminder: L.O.T. at The Vine today @ 10:00 AM. SIGN UP 

Runners: Stay tuned for a very special day coming up for you soon. Spring is here! 

3/14/2012: Front Squats + AMRAP

Buy In: After a proper warm up- you have precisely 10 minutes to find your max effort front squat. 

Cash Out: AMRAP in 14 minutes of: 
Run 200 Meters
15 Front Squats @ 75% of your BW
21 GHD Sit Ups

Come to Poncey this weekend from 1-3. You know the drill by now. Get some! CORRECTION: Come to Buckhead this Saturday. We've got a conflict at Poncey. 

Reminder: Mobility/Yoga for CrossFitters this evening at Buckhead. SIGN UP to attend.  

3/13/2012: KBS + Rope Climb


5 rounds for time of: 
21 Kettlebell Swings 55/35
1 Rope Climb "Double Up" 

A double up is 2 ascents of the rope with only a touch of the toe and go at the bottom of the first rope climb. Don't sacrifice your safely in the name of getting Double Ups. If this is too difficult, just do two regular ascents.

L.O.T. class at Vinings today and Thursday @ 10:00 AM. Sign Up   

Reminder II: BTB Endurance classes w Erin on Tuesday evenings. Many of you have asked for this. Use it or lose it! It is part of your regular membership. Sign Up 




3/12/2012: Deads & an AMRAP

Buy In: After warming up for deadliest, you have precisely 10 minutes to find your 1RM.

Cash Out: Complete as many rounds in 16 minutes as you can of:
25 Push-ups
Run 400 Meters
75% of today's max, 12 reps

Felix, Robert, Nick, Michelle, Ruben and Andy hangin with the supple leopard. Get ready for them to use some new tools. Hurts so good!