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4/8/2012: Back Squats & KBS

Coach Nick suggested we takle this one from the Main Page. 
21-15-9 reps for time of:
225/155 pound Back squat
2 pood Kettlebell swing

Heads Up! A kettlebell dropped from above the waist for any other reason than safety will result in a 10 burpee penalty on the spot. Control those bells and keep those midlines tight!

4/7/2012: Trainers Choice

You'll have to show up to see what you will be doing today. 


4/6/2012: Strength + 3 Thrusters & 7 Pull Ups

Buy In: You have 15 minutes to find your single rep max load Barbell Lunge Steps. Record this load, as you'll need it the remainder of the month. 

Cash Out: 
7 Rounds for Time of: 
3 Thrusters 135/95
7 Pull Ups

What is a Barbell Walking Lunge? Secure the barbell on your back like you are doing a back squat. You can set the barbell up on a rack. Then, do a lunge step on each side to complete one "rep". Your steps must be big enough for your front knee to be either directly over or just behind your ankle. But super careful with this one as you don't want to dump a heavy barbell on your trailing lunge leg. 

Attention BTB Chamblee!!
Head on down to the Buckhead gym for your workouts today. All classes are cancelled due to a water main break in the area. There is no water service to anyone in the area. If this is corrected at any point during the day, we'll get an update out. 

Ponce/Buck: As many of you may or may not know, BTB has been one of the Beta testers for a new app called Skilled Athlete. You have most likely at one point or another been sent an invite about SA asking you to link up w Facebook. Please keep an eye out for that as I'll be sending another soon. 
Please have a little patience with me and our coaches over the coming days/weeks. As the actual app is now developed, we will begin using it at Ponce & Buck immediately. For now, it will be used as a tool for us to make sure you are all checked into class. It will also be a time for us to get familiar with the workings of it. Eventually, the plan is to get rid of the whole sign in desk clusterfu*& all together. Soon there will be a client facing app so that you can just check yourself into class on your phone on the way to the gym. Or, you can do it online- or just sign in w the coach. BUT FOR NOW, please continue to do what you are used to and sign in with your card or online. Super slick stuff. 
Eventually, this will be a fully integrated system that will also include our workout programming and daily workout results. I'll be able to have a flat screen on the wall showing the WOD and in real time, it will show gym wide results. Vine and Chamblee will begin to use this system as we get it worked out. Welcome to the 21st century BTB! 

4/5/2012: Run/GHD's, Row/ABMAT

For Time:  
2 rounds Run 400 Meters, 30 GHD Sit Ups
2 Rounds Row 500 Meters, 50 Ab Mat Sit Ups

Y'all checked out the winners of the BTB45? Some pretty stunning stuff. Check it out and tell us again- why are you still eating like shit?