Little 5 Butt Kickin'

Walking Lunges up the Star Bar hill.Welcome to week two of November! Who's loving the breaking dawn that we now get to see while we're out running around. Everybody looks so different in the sunlight! Different as in kickin' butt out there in early morning. Hope y'all enjoyed the Little 5 Tour this morning. We had to get an urban workout in there this month. We'll be back to hittin' up Freedom Park soon enough!

Goals for the Week

What are y'alls goals for this week? Most folks say they want to get in better shape, but that's such a big black hole of a goal without any specific ways to get you there. It helps to have specific, measurable, attainable goals that you set and achieve which propel you forward along that larger path.

Need some ideas? Here's some to get you started: Show up everyday for OTB. Pushing yourself all the way during the workouts. Stretching every day. Avoiding XX food/drink. Eating veggies with every meal. Not eating processed foods for the week. Laying off the soda/caffeine/alcohol/etc.

But don't just adopt somebody else's idea. Your goals must be your own personal goals. You are more likely to accomplish goals you choose for yourself than those urged upon you by others.

So what are y'alls goals? Share in the comments. We'll all help each other stay accountable and rock this week!


Continuous Kettlebells

Goblet Squats courtesy of Dr. D.Another groovy morning! Amazing how much of a workout you can get hanging out in one spot, eh? Hope y'all enjoyed playing with those kettlebells this morning.

Bacon Love

Anybody love bacon? If so, let's hear what you love about it. And if you need a distraction for today, check out this list of the Top Ten Bacon Scenes on the Big and Little Screens.


Starting off Spooky

Annclarke planks it out while Ashley gets ready to crush the benchmarkNice job on the benchmark today! It's chilly out there in the morning, ain't it? Ok, so here's what we all need to know for this month for these days when it's kinda cold out:

Layers, Layers, Layers

It's nice to start off bundled up, but layer your clothes so that you can peel 'em off in layers as you get warmed up.

Helpful Cold Weather Items:

• Beanie Hat / Earmuffs

• Light jacket (especially if there's a breeze)

• Underarmour-type pants

• Gloves (especially for the days we find ourselves in the grass doing pushups and such!)

- You can find some great gloves at REI. Waterproof gloves come in handy to fight off the morning dew!

Y'all have any other recommendations for helpful cold weather gear?


Derek is ready to shred in the morning, Punk Rock style!Killer workout this morning! Hope y'all enjoyed it. Team challenge at the sweet, new Old Fourth Ward Beltline Park. Of course it's about a mile run to get there and back, but that just makes it an awesome end of the month workout!

We've enjoyed having y'all join us this month. It's been a ton of fun. We'll be kicking off November starting next Monday (Oct. 31st), and of course would love for you to join us again.

And on that note, have a kick ass Halloween weekend! Y'all deserve it!


Booyah Benchmark

Matt deep into some Turkish Getups.Awesome job on the Benchmark this morning! Looked like everybody had some great results and knocked off some time. I (GRizz) shaved nearly a minute and a half off my time. Woo hoo!

So what did y'all eat from breakfast this morning? Trying to keep you honest, here. And how about lunch? Anything good planned? How about dinner? I want some inspiration! Help a brother out!