Friend-day Fun-Day!

How'd y'all like this morning's workout?


Endurance Training

How was that endurance workout today? Check out the above video for a little bit of info about the POSE Running method. See what you think and if it makes sense to you. If so, can you see yourself trying this out to improve your running technique?

Here's a video of how most people run (first half):

and then take a look at a video of Olympian Carl Lewis running:

See the difference?

Interested in the Science of Running?

For some really interesting reading, check out this article in the NY Times about the science of running barefoot.


Get On Up

No better way to start the week than with Turkish Getups and Burpees! Y'all were lookin' good out there this morning. Keep up the great effort. Two more weeks of April OTB fun! Keep up that intensity!

Food and Drink

We saw a lot of iffy food and drink choices over the weekend. We'd encourage y'all (especially the new folks) to really commit to making smarter choices. The results you'll see of eating cleaner, combined with the working out we're doing will simply amaze you! Remember, you're never staying the same. You're either getting better or getting worse. Your choice!

What choices are you going to make this week to get better?


Friday Funday

Week two of April has come to a close. Y'all rocked this morning's workout. Hope you enjoyed those kettlebells out in the park.

Enjoy the weekend and some well deserved rest. Oh, and Go Braves!


Manmaker Tuesday

Burpee plaza.

How did y'all like those manmakers today? Tough workout, eh? Of course that hill run back home is a doozy to top it all off with. So if you ever need a workout to do by yourself at home or on the road while traveling, just knock out 50 manmakers. Full body workout. Even if you don't have weights, still pop those arms up overhead and do lunges anyways. I guarantee you'll feel it. And hotel gyms typically have some dumbells floating around. There's your workout. It's kind of like an extreme burpee of sorts!

A short chat about Nutrition

So most of y'all are doing pretty well with making smarter food choices. We want to encourage you to really think about what you're eating, though. What you consume becomes the fuel for your body. It affects how you feel and how you perform. Pay attention to the labels of what's in your food. A good rule of thumb is if you can't pronounce something in the ingredient list, then it's probably not something you should be ingesting. But also be aware of the immense marketing machine out there. Take Oatmeal for example. Quaker Oats spend massive amounts of money trying to convie us that oatmeal is the absolute best thing to eat for breakfast. And if they could, they'd probably try to convince you to eat it for lunch and dinner as well. You'll even see celebrity fitness folks touting their product. But take a closer look. Check out this article which doesn't just listen to the hype, but actually reads the label and pays attention to the ingredients and macronutrient content. It's a short read and worth your while:

So what do you think? So just for now, ignoring the Paleo folks who say you should avoid grains, but just look at the details from the article above, should you be eating oatmeal?